Company philosophy

In order to realize the concept of “Everybody can have bird’s nest soup”, legacy birdnest pick a strong and trusted partner who share a common goal, this is why Premiumlogy birdnest came on board with us to embark this journey together. Developed more than 60 birdhouses with Premiumlogy birdnest still expanding) and certified bird’s nest processing plant. It is the most powerful backing for legacy birdnest. Also, because we no longer purchase the raw bird’s nest from other bird’s nest suppliers, and there is no need to go through any certified processing plant. Hence, the cost has greatly reduced without compromising quality. In the near future, legacy birdnest and partners will aim to occupy 10% of the raw bird’s nest market, which is an absolute win for consumers.
Company’s Vision

Educating and conveying the efficacy and practical value of the bird's nest to the people of Malaysia (one of the places of origin) has always been our top mission. On top of that, our principle is to refuse to hype up the price of a bird's nest. legacy birdnest has been carrying out a series of bird's nest nutrition classes, with the help of technology, we truly believe we can convey the right messages of bird's nest to every Malaysian.

Until 2020, the wholesale of the stewed bird's nest is limited to Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. We envision the next five years, at least 13 bird's nest fresh stew kitchens will set up in different states across the country. Subsequently, unnecessary losses caused by transportation and logistics can be avoided. Moreover, we give assurance to the consumers that they can enjoy our freshly stewed bird's nest immediately in any area of Malaysia. While capturing more than 10% of the raw material market share, rest assured, each customer can enjoy legacy birdnest freshly stewed bird's nest at the most reasonable price with the best quality.

The Brand

Legacy Birdnest, as the name in Chinese implies, carries forward the right culture and passes on from generation to generation. The brand takes pregnant women and babies in their arms as totems, which means that mothers can raise babies with the purest and most extreme love. The representative of Swiftlet will carry the mission and important task of legacy birdnest a better quality of life.

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